City Tours #NduthiGang

At Lebu Studio, we had the unique opportunity to provide photography services for a dynamic and vibrant city tour product. This wasn’t just any city tour, it was a thrilling motorcycle tour, taking riders and passengers on a journey through the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of the city.

Our task was to capture the essence of this unique experience, focusing not only on the sights and sounds of the city but also on the exhilarating sensation of exploring the urban jungle on two wheels. This project required a unique blend of action photography, street photography, and portrait photography, and we were more than up to the task.

Our team of professional photographers closely followed the motorcycle tours, ready to capture every twist and turn. From wide-angle shots that depict the sprawling cityscape to close-ups that capture the joy and thrill on the faces of the riders, our photographs paint a vivid picture of this one-of-a-kind tour.

But we didn’t just document the journey, we also captured the spirit of the city and the camaraderie among the riders. Our photos showcase the tour in action – motorcycles weaving through traffic, riders taking in the sights, and the excitement of the journey. Each image is a testament to the thrill of exploration and the beauty of the city.

As part of our comprehensive photography services, we delivered a collection of high-quality, professionally edited images that the city tour company can use for marketing and promotional purposes. These images not only showcase the tour itself but also the unique perspective that a motorcycle tour offers.

At Lebu Studio, we’re proud to offer photography services that go beyond the ordinary, capturing not just images but experiences. This city tour motorcycle project is just one example of how we bring our creativity and technical expertise to every project we undertake.


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